Small Groups

For a lot of people church can be kind of intimidating. There's this tendency to feel like everyone else knows each other and that you're the odd man out. We don't want anyone to feel that way. Every person that comes through our doors matters and we want them to FEEL like they matter.

As a church we are continuing to develop new ways of breaking down barriers that isolate people in order to help them feel a part of a family, a community. One of the ways we build community within our church is through Small Groups. It's an easy way of taking what can seem like a big church and breaking it down.

We believe that growing in God happens through relationship.

If just going to church is your plan, you are missing out on the best that the church has to offer.

Just like any other relationship, we need to invest time and effort into getting to know who God is and what He wants for us. Life is better together. When we interact with other followers of Christ we find support and encouragement to continue in our faith.

Small Groups are centered around three things: activities, personal development, and outreach.

They meet through off-campus groups, on-campus and sponsored events.

  • How do I find out more or join a group?
    1. Get Connected today through our Celebration Church App available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
    2. Follow one of these links: Clovis | Fresno | Madera